About Spanish gastronomy

Spain is about flavor, tasty and fresh basic ingredients; it is about tradition and the respect towards it, but –perhaps most importantly- it is a vast diversity and gastronomic richness, which is common and self-understanding. We are all inspired by this fact and using it to reach our aims.

Our mission

TAPEA set an aim of elevating the general quality and respect towards Spanish cuisine outside and inside the country. We see our project as a meeting point, where experience, passion, knowledge, respect of raw materials and our pride in our gastronomy merge and help to show to Europe and the world that Spanish culinary tradition can be transferred truly outside the Iberian Peninsula.


How do we do it?

Our first requirement is to always use the best available, Spanish raw materials. This prerequisite is the starting point of our project and will be always fundamental.

The base of our business is THE KITCHEN. We have developed our own centralized production system, where quality and preparation is controlled by our standards. The variety and endless possibilities of Spanish gastronomy helps to avoid the typical stereotypes and monotony. We always keep in mind: Quality, Tradition, Modernity and never ending fantasy.


Our chef


Iñigo was born in Urretxu (Guipúzcoa) on the 22nd August, 1970. His career started in the culinary world at the age of seventeen, with the prestigious Basque chef Martín Berasategui, (3 Michelin Stars), «with him I learned not only the taste for the kitchen, but to feel passion for each dish you do«.

After being a chef of Berasategui, he went to France to work with Ofdidier Oudill and his restaurant Le pain Adour et Fantasie (2 Michelin Stars).

Our chef

Later, back in Spain he worked in Obia, a restaurant in the beautiful locality of Orio; after this period he arrived to Madrid and he was employed as head chef in El Amparo of Carmen Guasp.

In September 2001, Urrechu inaugurates his first restaurant in Madrid, and currently he has four successfully running restaurants in the Spanish capital.


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