Our goal is to create food that restores, replenishes and revives.

Culinary symphony of original and tasty ingredients from Spain, unified with our passion and expertise.

Our Chef

Born in Villareal de Urrechu (Urretxu), Guipúzcoa, on August 22, 1970. At 48, he has been dedicated to the profession for more than 29 years.

He began in the world of cooking in 1987, with the help of the renowned Basque chef Martín Berasategui. With him he learned not only the taste for cooking, but the passionate feeling of each dish, each moment of cooking and, above all, learning to be a good person, so that affection is reflected in the dishes.

After having been Martín’s chef -with three Michelin stars since 2002-, he passed through France, through the hands of Didier Oudil, former head chef of Michel Gerard for 10 years.

Our Team

We are a group of professionals who share the same love and respect towards Spanish culture in general and its gastronomy in particular. We select our staff based on this love; we create flavors with feelings, fresh ideas and great understanding of the basic ingredients.

Our motto says it all