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TAPEA at HOME, is unique meal-kit system in a sense that our recipes are created according to your level in the culinary world without compromising in the quality and authenticity of the ingredients. Our passionate chef, Inigo Perez “Urrechu” personally created these recipes with great care and passion. You choose your meal or menu plan, your place your order and simply follow the steps by Urrechu.
Cooking for yourself, for your family or a group of friends! TAPEA at HOME is your personal tutor in authentic Spanish gastronomy. You can find a link for a video preparation as well if you have any sort of difficulty. Bring Spain into your kitchen with easy steps!
You can find a link for a video preparation as well if you have any sort of doubts.

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Ibéricos y Quesos / Iberics and cheeses

Jamón Ibérico de bellota con picos crujientes
“Iberic Pata Negra Ham” with spanish traditional breadsticks

29.00 €

Degustación de quesos con D.O españoles.

Selection of Spanish cheeses DOC. Cheese Arzúa, Mahón, Manchego, Idiazabal and Coquesa Azul

19.80 €

Degustación de Ibéricos y Quesos españoles D.O
Selection of Iberian cuts (Iberic pata negra ham, loin & chorizo) and Spanish cheeses DOC

24.50 €

Los Clásicos de Tapea / Tapea classics

Trio Briochito de Guiso de Centolla
Galician spidercrab brioche with wakame, green mustard and siracha sauce. Discover the Unami flavor!

24.50 €

Ensaladilla Tapea con ventresca de bonito, cigala de tronco y huevas de salmón
Spanish potato salad with tuna belly, langoustine and salmon pearls

15.60 €

Selección de croquetas artesanales de jamón ibérico, marisco y setas con trufa

Selection of artisan creamy  croquettes of Iberian ham,seafood and mushrooms with truffle

14.20 €

Txistorra de Arbizu con picos crujientes
Cured pork sausage typical of Aragon and Navarra DOC with breadsticks

11.00 €

Matrimonio de anchoas y boquerones en vinagre de Santoña con pan de cristal
Marriage of anchovies in olive oil and salt with anchovies in vinegar and garlic served with cristal bread

18.50 €

Pimientos del piquillo relleno con gambas
Piquillo peppers stuffed filled with a bechamel with prawns and tomato sauce

21.80 €

Trio Mini hamburguesa de chuletón de ternera gallega
Tbone galician meat MiniBurgers

18.00 €

Sopas y cremas de temporada / Seasonal creams and soups

Cold tomato soup served with vegetables chopped in the top

7.70 €

Cold tomato, bread and garlic soup served with boiled egg and iberic ham diced

9.00 €

Guisos / Stews

Cazuela de Callos melosos
Typical tripe stew “callos madrileña”

13.80 €

Verdinas con Faisán (min 2 pers) (Bajo reserva) (preorder) *
“Verdina” Beans stew with pheasant  

28.00 € p.p

Fabada Asturiana (min 2 pers) (Bajo reserva) (preorder) *
Traditional Asturian “fabada” (bean stew) served with chorizo, blood sausage and smoky bacon

25.00 € p.p

Cocido madrileño (min 4 pers.)(Bajo reserva) (preorder) *
Tradicional “Cocido Madrileño” stew prepared with pickpeas, vegetables, chicken, beef, ham , chorizo  and smoky bacon

36.00 €

Carnes / Meats

Carrillada iberica guisada en su propio jugo con pure de patata
Iberic pork cheeks cook at low temperature in red wine served with potato puree

20.60 €

Albóndigas de vacuno en salsa de setas acompañados de patatas crujientes
Beef meatballs with mushrooms sauce with crispy chips

15.90 €

Solomillo de vacuno con foie grass y reducción de Pedro Ximenez
Beef tenderloin with foie grass and reduction sauce of Pedro Ximenez wine

35.00 €

Entrecot de ternera charra madurada 45 días
Entrecot “Charra” beef 45 day matured served with padron pepper and roasted potato with cream cheese 

28.50 €

Secreto de cerdo ibérico a la brasa 
Grilled Iberian “Secret”  Pork Flap served with roasted red peper and roasted potato with cream cheese 

26.80 €

Chuletón deshuesado de vaca maduración 45 días (900 gr-1kg aprox)
Bonelles Tbone steak 45 day matured served with padron pepper and roasted potato with cream cheese

84.00 €

Cordero lechal asado IGP “tierra sabor” (Medio lechal 3kg, min 4 pers)
Roasted suckling Lamb “tierra sabor” DOC_Half Lamb (Bajo reserva) (preorder) *

115.00 €/ medio lechal 

Cochinillo Segoviano D.O. (Medio cochinillo 3kg, min 4 pers)
Roasted suckling pig DOC from Segovia DOC (half cochinillo min 3-4 people) (Bajo reserva) (preorder) *

120.00 € /medio cochinillo

Ensalada y Verduras / Salads and vegetables

Flor de alcachofa confitada a baja temperatura
Artichokes Hearts cooked in oilve  oil at low temperature and grilled with sea salt flakes

16.50 €

Ensalada de Perdiz de Toledo escabechada con vinagre de sidra
Pickled partridge salad served with baby lamb lettuce, spring onion, sun-dried tomato and pomegranate grains with a reduction of porto wine dressing.

16.40 €

Tomate Rosa de la Reina D.O con ventresca de bonito del Cantábrico
Pink tomato  “de la Reina” DOC salad with tuna belly of Cantabric sea and black salt

15.70 €

Ensalada “Ibérica” de tomate kumato con nuestro jamón de bellota 
Iberic” salad kumato tomato with our “Pata Negra” Ham and our secret dressing.

14.30 €

Ensalada de mejillón en escabeche
Galician Mussels served with baby lamb lettucce, spring onion, wakame salad, salmon pearls and angel hair chilli

16.50 €

Pimientos del padrón, ¡unos pican y otros no!
Padron peppers fried and sea salt flakes in the top

13.50 €

Con un par de huevos / With a pair of eggs

Huevos rotos con gulas
Fried eggs served on a bed of potato purée with Iberian ham and baby eel fried with garlic and cayenne pepper

17.50 €

Tortilla de patata 
Spanish omellete with potatoes and onions

13.50 €

Cazuela de pisto con gamba roja del Mediterraneo y huevos fritos
Ratatouille stew with red shrimps of Mediterreaneam sea and fried eggs

16.00 €

Arroces / Rises

Arroz Caldoso de Marisco (min 2 pers.)
Seafood brothy rice with king prawns, clams, mussels, squid, monkfish and red prawns

24.50 € p.p

Arroz Meloso de Carabineros (min 2 pers.)
Seafood brothy rice with “Carabinero”red king prawn.

26.40 €

Arroz Meloso de Langosta (min 2 pers.) (Bajo reserva) (preorder) *
Seafood brothy rice with fresh lobster

41.00 € p.p

Pescados / Fish and Seafood

Bacalao ajoarriero con pil pil y su crujiente
Cod fish fillet stew with vegetables and pil pil dressing with it’s crispy skin chips

23.60 €

Pulpo a la gallega
Boiled Octopus Galician style with potato, virgin olive oil , paprika  and sea salt flakes

22.70 €

Tartar de Atún rojo salvaje de Almadraba

Wild red tuna (Blue Fin) from Almadraba served with avocado, wakame and sturgeon pearls

29.50 €

Merluza en salsa verde con marisco
Hake steaks cooked  in green sauce with white sparragus, peas, red prawns, clams, mussels & king prawn

25.30 €

Sepia a la plancha aliñados con ajo y perejil
Grilled Cuttlefish served with garlic and parsley dressing.

18.50 €

Nuestros postres / Our desserts

Crema catalana con su quemadito
Catalonian Cream Brullé style

6.60 €

Helados variados con crujiente de chocolate
Assortted ice creams of vanila, chocolate and stwarberry with chocolate crispy and cookie crumble

6.00 €

Tarta de queso con frutos del bosque y crumble de galleta Maria
Chesee cake with berries and crumble of cookies

6.90 €

Tarta cremosa de trufa sobre cama de natillas, frutos rojos y ganache de chocolate
Creamy truffle cake with,custard, berries and chocolate ganache dressing

7.20 €

Tarta árabe
Crunchy Phyllo Pastry layers filled with pastry cream and whipped cream and icing sugar

7.60 €

Tarta fina de manzana recién horneada con helado de vainilla (tarda 30 minutos)
Crunchy Apple pie  with vanilla ice cream (takes 30 minutes)

8.00 €

* This item needs to be preorder 48 h in advance

This menu is available for take away, deliveries and tapea at home


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