TAPEA St Julians (Opening Soon)

TAPEA St Julians is our careful choice in order to spread our message of quality Spanish gastronomy on the island.

The city is a vibrant, never sleeping part of Malta, where the world of gastronomy merges in every possible way. TAPEA St Julians proudly took the challenge with our second restaurant to represent and maintain our vision of true and original Spanish kitchen and food from starter to dessert in an environment where restaurants are compete all day – every day.

In correspondence of the location TAPEA St Julians offers an extended opening hour, covering breakfast-lunch and dinner.

If you wish to dine in an authentic “tapas” style restaurant – if you want to travel to Spain outside of Spain, then TAPEA is your choice!


Address: 55 Mensija Road, St Julians, MALTA

Phone: +356 7979 7938